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We offer a full range of domestic Contractor Services in and around Adelaide SA. Our team have the experience and expertise to carry out electrical installations covering a wide variety of applications with competitive rates and quality products.

Our excellent customer service sets us apart from everyone else and will provide you with a second to none end result which is one of the reasons why RWB Electrical are one of the best electrical contractors in their region. We provide a wide range of electrical services including Solar Power, Rewiring, Lighting and Installation Services, for extensions, renovations, repairs, maintenance, Data Cabling, Phone Outlets, bespoke designs and so much more.
We offer a complete planning and design service through to completion of works.

For your domestic electrical needs, we offer the following services: 

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Testing Image

If you think that you have an electrical fault in your home or office, it is vital that you seek immediate assistance from a qualified electrician.  Only a licensed and experienced electrician can safely detect and repair your electrical problem.  A broken socket, surging / flickering lights, or an activated safety switch are your indication of potential danger.

RWB Electrical is an experienced, reliable, organistation who consider safety above everything, undertaking any type of Electrical Inspection or Testing work.  If you are a Commercial or a domestic customer and you require either Inspection or Testing for whatever purpose please contact us direct and we will be happy to assist you.

We can help all domestic and Commercial customers with our full range of Electrical Inspection and Testing Services that involves a full Inspection and test of the fixed wiring installation.

The maximum recommended interval between formal Inspection & Tests on domestic dwellings is 10 years, however for some commercial and rented properties the interval can be less (we can advise you on the recommended intervals).


Power Outlets

The electrical systems in many Adelaide homes were never designed to handle the number of devices commonly found in a typical household today.  As a result, many of us use double adapters, extension cords and power-boards, unfortunately in many cases, dangerously.  If you need a power-point repaired, replaced, extended, relocated or safety surge checked, RWB Electrical can carry out these tasks and provide safe Energy Saving Solutions to meet your needs. Contact us direct for more information.

For your domestic electrical needs, we offer the following services:

  • Arrow ImageMulti Sockets
  • Arrow Image1 to 4 gang expansions
  • Arrow Image2 to 4 gang expansions
  • Arrow ImageRelocation of power outlet
  • Arrow ImageSurge protection
  • Arrow ImageChild Safety Locks
  • Arrow ImageInstallation of Disability Switches

Re-Wiring Service

Re-Wiring a property or Commercial premises needs care and attention and takes professional planning.  We are experienced and all of our staff hold the correct qualifications to do a high quality job, we are happy to carryout all re-wiring projects that cover all types of properties.

Multi-Room Entertainment Systems

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An audio-visual system combining TV, video, music and more, built into every room, with not an ugly black box, ungainly speaker or mound of wires in sight, is where home entertainment systems are moving.   At RWB Electrical we specialise in installing a wide range of bespoke multi-room entertainment systems.   Properly planned and installed, these systems provide access to a choice of remote-controlled audio-visual entertainment features in any room, as well as convenient, space-saving digital storage for all CDs and DVDs.

These systems have the capability of distributing up to five audio inputs in addition to an in-built tuner and a local input.   Every room can also have a local input for such items as iPods and games consoles, your music can be played at a room of your choice, extending out into the outside entertainment area.

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent Lighting

For both domestic and commercial premises, Intelligent Lighting is playing a contributing factor in the drive for energy efficiency. Providing both cost-saving benefits and carbon emission reductions, it is a service that RWB Electrical is eager to promote.

We can provide our expertise in this field and help clients to decide on the best installation method and operational functions that are tailored to each client needs.

Intelligent Lighting has many advantages.  Once the installation has been completed, for example the client can change the switching arrangement in and around the property at anytime without the need to change any wiring.  Switches can be programmed as dimmers, on/off, timers, push buttons and so on. The options are endless.

Lighting can be fitted with LUX level sensors, increasing the lifespan of lamps and most importantly saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint.

For more information, please Contact us direct for assistance

External Lighting

As qualified and experienced Electricians, RWB Electrics can offer you a large range of external lighting services. Whether you are looking for modern outdoor Lighting for your home garden or for your commercial premises, we will use our many years of experience to create your perfect dusk retreat. Using only top quality fixtures and fittings on all of our installations we can ensure that the perfect lighting in your garden can still be viewed in years to come.

We offer annual maintenance packages that include helping to prolong the life of your External Lighting (Including gardens and driveways). This is a general service that would include lamp changes, light cleaning, wire checking, correct positioning and periodic testing of the installation. We can offer you this service on the products we have installed and on existing lighting that you may already have outside if required, please speak to a member of our staff for more information.

All of your garden can be lit with a large array of lights, making the most of even the smallest of spaces or a large mature garden using lights that will enhance your garden and their features.

Commonly used spaces such as paths and driveways can be lit with care and attention to provide your regularly used area with the correct amount of perfectly spaced lighting.

For more information, please Contact us direct for assistance.

Ceiling Fan Installations

Ceiling fan technology has come along over the years and there are many stylish options available on the market offering silent operation, remote control and reverse function. The simple ceiling fan is an affordable and effective way to comfortably enjoy the temperature of your home.
At RWB we can install all Ceiling Fan types for you.

For more information, please Contact us direct for assistance.


CCTV & Security Systems

Security Image

Here at RWB Electrical your security is at the top of our list of priorities. A Burglar Alarm System is used to simply try and deter a potential burglary occurring at your house or commercial property and when implemented correctly it works extremely well. If your property is professionally alarmed (Commercial or Domestic) and another property in the area is not then statistically you become less of a target to the potential Burglar.

Our Burglar Alarm Systems are professionally designed and installed to suit your lifestyle and circumstances. Multiple codes for employee’s, family and friends let you control who can enter your property and control your Security System.

For an example, if you have pets and want to give them freedom to certain areas, this can be built into the design of the Intruder Alarm, Home Burglar Alarm or House Alarm System.

A CCTV System is the ideal system to protect your property. As well as a visual deterrent, video or digital recordings act as a useful reference in the event of a crime taking place. Installing the right equipment for particular situations and circumstances is imperative for getting the most out of the system and that's where the expertise of our qualified engineers can make sure the technology works for you.

Whether monitoring premises or domestic properties clear pictures are reproduced with first-rate clarity of untoward activity for evidential purposes

Installing quality security measures is an investment in the safety and security of your property. It is a long term investment that will reduce the risk of being the victim of crime and will bring you considerable peace of mind.We believe in being straight with all of our customers and try to make things as simple as we can.

For more information, please Contact us direct for assistance.

Smoke Alarm Systems

Installing a Smoke Detection System at your premises should be high on your safety agenda.

For many years, we have been installing, repairing and performing general smoke alarm maintenance tasks right across Adelaide.

If you think that your smoke alarm may be faulty, call us immediately for repair assistance. RWB Electrical is fully qualified to install battery and mains wired smoke alarms in residential and commercial buildings.

The safety of your family, colleagues and visitors is paramount. Trust only a qualified and licensed electrician to install or repair your smoke detector.

For more information, please Contact us direct for assistance.